Welcome to Almost Live!

Here we offer an unbeatable service for solo vocalists within the swing/big band genre that either don’t have the budget, or space to perform with a live band. Backing tracks are often considered an inferior option to live musicians, but we think that’s about to change. Using some of the best session musicians and equipment in the industry, we have taken all the things wrong with “off the shelf backing tracks” and simply, put them right! Now performers can have their own personal, top quality band wherever they go, so good it’s almost live! For more information about what we do please read here.

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To show our appreciation for using Almost Live, we’d like to provide you with Bare Necessities, as featured in the above video, free of charge, so you can see what our service is all about. Enjoy!

And if you really needed anymore reassurance that you’re in the right place, take a listen to our Bare Necessities up against the quality of track some vocalists can be found using… something that sounds like it’s come from a karaoke club in Benidorm!

What People Say About Our Tracks

“Really nice sounding tracks! The attention to detail is outstanding. You can tell the musicians that were recorded were enjoying themselves, and that really translates into my performances. A rare quality!” – Sam Bowes

“What a find! I accidentally stumbled across your site whilst looking for new repertoire. I look forward to seeing more releases from you.” – Linda Cartel

“Wow! I’ve been searching for cool Christmas arrangements for years to update my Christmas sets, and you have hit the nail on the head! This is exactly the fun aspect I wanted to add to my show! Amazing work guys.” – John Oxbridge