Here at Almost Live, we have made it our mission to provide solo vocalists with the backing they deserve on every gig, making it almost like having a live band of the highest quality whenever they perform!

Traditionally, when swing/jazz vocalists perform solo they have no choice but to purchase “off the shelf” karaoke tracks from various different websites, produced by different people. This results in many issues such as inconsistent volumes, different musicians, tacky fake sounding computerised sounds and poor arrangements that lack in feel, groove and energy. But now we’ve set out to change all this. All of our tracks are recorded live by world class musicians who are constantly working with major artists globally specialising in the genre of jazz/swing. The tracks are always played by the same musicians, recorded in the same studio, in two different keys for flexibility and finally mixed and mastered by the same specialist recording engineer to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency!

A lot of vocalists are forced to use full on traditional Big Band tracks, as they’re the only versions available for classics, such as “Come Fly With Me”. However, a lot of the time this big band sound isn’t suitable for a small intimate environment, especially on background restaurant, bar or wedding gigs. This is why our tracks have been recorded as a quartet, making them much more versatile. In place of the big band instrumental breaks that go on forever, leaving a singer redundant until it’s time to come back in we have chosen to include shorter solos/interludes in between sections. Enough time for the singer to take a breather, have some audience banter, then come straight back in without the awkward waiting around. Nowadays, many of the successful swing vocalists that use their own band often have a trio or quartet backing them, this can actually provide more scope and freedom for singers to do their own thing, keeping it varied, with perhaps a more ‘modern’ sound.

Why spend thousands of pounds on your equipment, advertising and promotional material to perform with inconsistent, low quality backing tracks? You’ll simply perform and feel better in the knowledge that some of the best musicians in the business are right behind you providing exact same sound each night. Separate yourself from the crowd now by taking your own personal live band with you on every gig, without any of the cost and hassle of doing so. For any enquiries or custom arrangement and recording commissions, please contact us.

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