Set 2

This set has a carefully selected range of material, from typical Big Band Swing tracks, to slow bluesy ballads, back to standard jazzy swing and Latin tracks, as well as pop songs, to quirky arrangements that may not be associated with this kind of style. All arranged differently, to help keep the set inventive and interesting for everybody involved.

The music alone in this set averages to 50 minutes long, so with typical front man/woman patter, we estimate the average set time to be 1 hour long.

Below is the suggested set list running order, chosen by the specialists who recorded this music, who are working live, playing this material week after week, so they know what flows well, and is best received. Of course this is not set in stone, but just a suggestion. Owning all 3 sets (make this word link to the super set?) would put you in a great position to tailor your own running order, perfect for any gigging environment!

With such a diverse range of songs, you’re bound to keep everyone at the gig happy!


Click any of the tracks to view their samples, or to purchase them separately. This set purchase includes the tracks in every key we offer.