Payment & Terms

Making a purchase is easy! You can add as many tracks and ‘sets’ (bundles) as you like to your basket, and then proceed to the checkout. From here, you can then create a customer account to keep track of all of your purchased tracks. Purchasing tracks may require a PayPal account. If you require a PayPal account, you will be walked through how to create one when completing your purchase.

All tracks are available for instant download as MP3 files. Any applicable bonuses will also be downloadable in an appropriate format.

Payment is made via PayPal and once payment has been confirmed, you will instantly be redirected to a page where your downloads will be waiting for you. In addition to this, you will receive an email/receipt that will include a link(s) to your purchased track(s). Clicking that link will instantly download your purchased track(s) to your computer. The moment your order has been processed you can also click directly on the ‘My Account’ button, which will take you to your purchased track(s) that are available immediately. The download links sent to you by email will only be valid for only 24 hours, however they can be downloaded anytime at a later date from your account page on the website.
All backing tracks remain the property of at all times. is licensed with the MCPS-PRS for music and pays all appropriate royalties for recording/producing customised backing track products. By accessing this site you agree to all the terms and licensing conditions.

The license to use backing tracks in live performances is granted, but use by third parties, lending, hiring or re-selling of the backing tracks on is strictly prohibited.

Backing tracks CANNOT be returned or exchanged unless an internet error is reported during the download of a track, in which case another method could be found of successfully sending you the track(s).

Customers CANNOT cancel custom track work, once the production has begun.

However if a customer is not completely satisfied with the final product of a custom track, we are happy to make minor adjustments (e.g a customer wants a certain instrument mixed differently or a verse/chorus adding or cutting) any major changes (such as full musical arrangements) that required multiple hours of work, would have to result in a renegotiation of price.

If for some reason you don’t receive your track after you’ve purchased it because of an internet error, please contact me so we can sort the problems out. reserves the rights to use any reviews or comments for promotional purposes.